Example project: cocoOS 5.0.1 running on Linux demonstrating task procedure reuse, message passing and more. Click to download!

UPDATE: added makefile to the zip.


Latest release:, release date 2018-08-28.


cocoOS 5.0.2, release date 2018-08-18.


cocoOS 5.0.1, release date 2018-05-23.


cocoOS 5.0.0, release date 2018-05-22.


cocoOS 4.1.0, release date 2016-08-17.


cocoOS 4.0.0, release date 2015-02-21.


clock setup for atmega16:


AT91SAM7X port:


PIC porting guide, compiling the source with the XC8 compiler: The cocoOS used in PICmicro MID-RANGE MCU FAMILY


LwIP tcp echo server example modified for cocoOS





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