cocoOS  5.0.1
tcb Struct Reference

Data Fields

taskproctype taskproc
TaskState_t state
 current runstate
TaskState_t savedState
 saves the task state when suspending
uint16_t internal_state
 is set when calling OS_SCHEDULE
uint16_t time
uint8_t tid
uint8_t prio
Sem_t semaphore
MsgQ_t msgQ
MsgQ_t waitQ
 The queue the task is waiting for (post or receive)
Evt_t msgChangeEvent
 The change event of the message queue the task is waiting for.
uint8_t msgResult
 The result of msg_receive or msg_post.
uint8_t waitSingleEvent
uint8_t clockId
EventQueue_t eventQueue
void * data

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